Diego Rossini
Diego Rossini

Diego Rossini

His journey on the stoves began at a very young age when he joined the team of the prestigious Gato Dumas Cooking School in his native Argentina.
In love with his profession, he defines cooking as an adventure and presents himself as an itinerant Chef with a wide range of flavors.
Although he has spent most of his career in Spain, he has lived and worked in Asia and Latin America where he took the opportunity to learn about local products and all kinds of cuisines. This is why he confidently handles Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Latin Mexican and Asian cuisine, as well as avant-garde techniques such as spherifications or foams.
Fully dedicated to the gastronomic world, Diego is always seeking to increase his knowledge by incorporating new products, trying new restaurants or attending gastronomic fairs.
In Spain he works in all types of restaurants: Italian, Mexican, sushi, in Madrid and in Barcelona, and finally stops in the Costa Brava area, in Cadaqués, at the Haiku Tast Restaurant where he strengthens his knowledge.
During this period, he also collaborated with the famous El Bulli from Ferrán Adriá (3 Michelin Stars) and with Miramar Restaurant in Gerona (2 Michelin Stars).
In 2015, after emigrating from Argentina and be hardened in the Spanish kitchens, with two decades between pots and pans on his back, he accepts the offer of a gastronomic group to lead the kitchen of the restaurant O`Kitchen in Bangladesh where he develops an elegant and modern formula of Spanish and International cuisine.
Since his return to Spain in 2017, he combines his work at Kotoro, a Japanese tavern concept in Barcelona, with home Chef services.

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