Ramin Deijon & Miia Yliaho
Ramin Deijon & Miia Yliaho

Ramin Deijon & Miia Yliaho

Ramin is the pirate chef whose passion for food was born in a Hungarian deli and who started his first restaurant at the age of 25. Ramin grew up in Stockholm and his food is a sublime combination of his two cultures: the perfumed and colorful dishes of Iran, and the pure and simple flavours of Scandinavia. After exploring the flavours of the world, he has now returned to the kitchen of his childhood, with modernized and elegant Persian dishes often on the menu.
Miia started baking at the age of 7, in the kitchens of her grandmothers. While none of the women in her family were professional bakers, they all knew the chemistry behind a beautifully light brioche, a high sponge cake or a crusty tart. With time, making desserts became a creative outlet, combining the love of the Scandinavian nature with the passion for colors and design.
Today, Ramin is a recipe curator and chef, and Miia is a recipe curator, writer and food stylist. Both love catering for special events together.

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