Paulo Serrano
Paulo Serrano

Paulo Serrano

Chef Paulo Serrano's career in the kitchen began as a curiosity, a hobby that later became a passion.
His work in real estate was left behind and Chef Paulo decided to dedicate himself to the art of Sushi with all his commitment and desire to learn.
He trained in this Asian specialty through workshops, sharing experiences and exchanging opinions.
He headed east where he deepened his knowledge even further and cemented the desire to bring back to Portugal the mastery that sushi making needs.
Back in Portugal, Chef Paulo Serrano has opened his restaurant, my sushi BAR and today dedicates himself to more intimate home-made services where he has the opportunity to share his passion with those he serves.
The Chef's hand in the kitchen doesn't stop at sushi and he likes to cook fish and seafood dishes as well as more regional food.
The Chef seeks to be constantly evolving and follows trends through books and draws inspiration from other Chefs he admires to find new techniques and innovate in his kitchen.
To Supper Stars customers, Chef Paulo Serrano promises to bring the freshest and most tasty ingredients, a moment of relaxation and always with good disposition and professionalism.

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The Chef is available in the geographical areas identified in the filter panel, but can also travel to other locations (in that case, please contact us).