Ysmiley Lourenço

Ysmiley Lourenço

A Portuguese descendant born and raised in Venezuela, Ysmiley Lourenço has a pharmacy degree and started her career working for a multinational company, first in Venezuela and then in Portugal, where she came to at the age of 25.

As she grew more and more homesick, Ysmiley found comfort in the kitchen. The memory of her homeland flavours, which she could not find anywhere else, led her to experiment in her own private “lab”, a.k.a. kitchen, and try to recreate the recipes she had seen her mother do so many times. But do not think this was an easy task. She spent long hours finding the right ingredients and reproducing the recipes. Like mother, like daughter. The mother was a fantastic cook, and so is the daughter. One step led to another and, today, Chef Ysmiley commands the flavours of the first areperia in Lisbon, in her restaurant Aripo.

Ysmiley Lourenço offers us an authentic gastronomic experience, with lots of colour and flavour, giving us a taste of the true Venezuelan flavours.

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