About Us
Supper Stars Supper Stars is a lifestyle brand that offers the best food experiences at the most exclusive setting: Home.

Operating across Spain, from north to south, Supper Stars has a community of Chefs with experience in the best restaurants, national and international.

As simple as booking a restaurant or a hotel, with Supper Stars our Clients can book experienced, passionate and talented private Chefs, who will delight them and their guests with their food, their service and their story.

When the date comes, Chefs bring the freshest ingredients and the required equipment, prepare and serve a delicious and sophisticated meal, and free our Clients from the most tedious task, namely, tidying up the kitchen in the end.

Our Clients can host and entertain their guests with glamour and free of concerns, and enjoy to the fullest the company of their family and friends.
Our Vision We believe that home entertainment, experiences, as well as everything related to food, are growing trends, and that, with Supper Stars, it is possible for people to share a fabulous dining experience at home with family and friends. In fact, we believe that it is possible to turn our own home into our favourite restaurant.
Our Mission We intend to promote the Chefs’ talent as well as the culture of hospitality and the art of entertaining, in pursuit of the most extraordinary dining experience in an exclusive setting.
Our Brand Supper Stars is a virtual hospitality brand, in the sense that it does not have a physical presence, such as in a restaurant. Instead, we operate in the venues owned or rented by our Clients, where they entertain and enjoy the company of their family and friends.

In this context, we believe it to be crucial: to serve exceptional food that awakens the senses; to enrich the overall experience by having Chefs sharing stories about their background and that of the food they serve; and to create strong and lasting relationships with both our Chefs and our Clients.

Building relationships with clients is key to the success of any brand, and more so that of a recently created brand. For this reason, we count on your interest and willingness to help us improve every day! We will do everything in our power to deserve it.