Félix Noguera
Félix Noguera

Félix Noguera

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Chef Félix’s ability to merge east and west arises from his extensive learning at award-winning restaurants such as Can Fabes ( 3 Michelin Stars) from Santi Santamaría Chef or Aponiente with 2 Michelin Stars from Ángel León Chef

Chef Félix Noguera started his cooking studies in Spain and then traveled around the world to explore new countries and their cuisines. His professional career started later in London where he worked for 3 years in the Michelin Star restaurant, Nobu . Félix is used to work with the most demanding standards of gastronomic quality, holding positions of great responsibility such as management and team training for world-renowned luxury hospitality brands such as Cipriani in Mexico, Ibiza and Miami.

Chef Félix’s passion for food led him to focus a large part of his time achieving high standards of taste and quality. The kitchen is his natural habitat.

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Impresionante!! Muy detallista y amable! Y la cena de 100!!!