José Ángel González
José Ángel González

José Ángel González

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José Angél says that his first gastronomic memories are to see his family always cooking when he returned from school, so it was not strange that he decides to devote himself to gastronomy. He starts in the kitchen of a homemade food restaurant that looks for a balance between traditional and modern cuisine, while he was studying hospitality, and, by the time he graduates, he was already working as Executive Chef. At the same time, he had the opprtunity to collaborate with the Michelin starred restaurant Casa Solla*, which he would combine for two years with his work in the house of meals. This gives him the sufficient base in new techniques and elaborations to cook in the prestigious South Mesure Par Thierry Marx (2 Michelin stars) of the famous French Chef, where each dish seeks to awaken an emotional reaction.

The inspiration to create his dishes comes from when he goes to the market, looking at the fish, the fruits and fresh vegetables available. It is where comes up with new recipes, he tells us.

Creative Chef, he looks for natural flavors and the best product to apply new culinary techniques. After his stay in BonAmb** (2 Michelin stars), in Jávea, he currently works as a gastronomic advisor and Executive Chef.

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Mi experiencia con el chef fue la preparación de una cena romántica, y me encanto que el logrará interpretar la situación, estando concentrado en la cocina, interactuando en los momentos oportunos, explicando cada plato, la verdad muy atento, cordial y la comida increíble.