Manuel Hidalgo
Manuel Hidalgo

Manuel Hidalgo

Chef Manuel Hidalgo “Robert” was born in a traditional family-owned restaurant in Cordoba, Spain.
As a child, he recalls spending most of his free time at his grandfather’s restaurant, where he was constantly amazed by the frantic peace and endless queues at the main entrance.
At the time he had to pick up a career, it was very natural for Manuel to devote his professional life to what had grown seeing – playing at the kitchen. A decision very welcomed among his friends who saw in this an opportunity to get together every time Manuel would conceptualize a new recipe.
Later on, as a professional cooker, Manuel worked in the greatest restaurants of the Levante coast in Spain, which left in him a deep imprint of a Mediterranean diet, with a special passion for all those ingredients that come from the sea, especially molluscs and crustaceans.
With a friendly and relaxed attitude, he transmits in his kitchen his multiple cultural influences and life experiences. Together with his passion for philosophy, art and gardening, Manuel has the ability to surprise us in every dish.

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