My Flavours

My Flavours
My Flavours
From 75eur|guest
Crunchy foie gras with papaya syrup
First Course
Pink tomato cream with raspberry, burrata cheese, and pink shrimp
Second Course
Angus beef tenderloin with malbec sauce, chimichurri and baby vegetables roasted with herbs
Extra dark chocolate fondant with “dulce de leche” and fresh red fruits
The Chef will contact you to agree on the time of arrival and changes to the menu as per your preferences, and to learn about your kitchen and equipment, as well as about any dietary restrictions, to ensure the best possible experience. When the date comes, the Chef will arrive at the agreed time with all the necessary ingredients, will prepare and serve the meal, and clean the kitchen in the end.
The selected menu does not include drinks, nor the service of drinks. We can suggest a selection of wines specially paired with your menu, as well as to provide other services, such as meals for children, waiting staff, tableware, decoration (tables, chairs), bar service and venues. For these or any other special requests, please contact us.
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