Matej Jaraba
Matej Jaraba

Matej Jaraba

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Matej vocation arose at a very early age, helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. One day he dared to make the dessert that his mother did not want to: an apple cake.
He studies to become a professional Chef and gained experience in various types of establishments. From cafes and bistros, to haute cuisine restaurants.
He takes his first steps in England where he settled from his native Slovakia and then lands in Barcelona at the end of 2016 where he works in two of the most renowned restaurants in the city, Alkimia* and Via Veneto*, both Michelin starred restaurants.
From his time at Alkimia*, he brought a gastronomic vision that extols, above all, the value of the product.
Matej prepares Mediterranean cuisine with local and seasonal products. He likes to experiment, looking for new flavours and textures, but in the end it's all in the ingredients, he says.

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Grandes profesionales. Desde el primer momento me sentí acompañado. Era una sorpresa para mi mujer, elaboramos un menú específico y. Quedó maravillada. Muy limpio y ordenado todo y con ingredientes de primerísima calidad. Repetiré sin duda.
Ha sido una experiencia espectacular. Matej nos sorprendió con un menú impecable.
Matej elaboró un menú que quitaba el sentido, estaba todo espectacular y con un emplatado que cuidaba todos los sentidos. El Chef ha guardado en todo momento la distancia de seguridad, estaba con su mascarilla y desinfectaba continuamente los utensilios.