Joaquín Abello
Joaquín Abello

Joaquín Abello

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Joaquín Abello’s passion for food comes from his childhood days learning how to cook alongside his grandmother, his first mentor around the pans, a role later taken by Iñigo Urrechu, at his restaurant, who instilled in him the importance of good products and of a well-organized kitchen.
Later, the world-renowned 2 Michelin Stars, Noma, knocked on his door, providing Chef Joaquín an experience that would deeply influence him.
He continued his career working with the Michelin starred Chef Ricardo Sotres, as second-in-command, in "El Retiro" . But his main influence was from the Chef Nacho Manzano, form the Casa Marcial restaurant with two Michelin Stars, with a review of the traditional Asturian style.
Currently based in Madrid, he is ready to start up his personal project with which he intends to combine his two passions: decoration and gastronomy.

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Todo estupendo! Muchas gracias, sois de verdad, Supper Stars!
Joaquin fantástico, y Noelia también, su apoyo fue indispensable.
Simplemente genial!!