Cláudia Lopes

Cláudia Lopes

Chef Cláudia Lopes has two great passions: cinema and cooking.

The former runs in her bloodstream, and she worked, lived and breathed the world of cinema and the art of movies since a young age.

The latter passion also emerged naturally when, as a child, she learned from her grandmother Elvira the love for the art of cooking and, particularly so, for traditional Portuguese cooking. It was in her family kitchen that Cláudia learned how to prepare her famous tomato rice and that she discovered that the art of cooking is also scenic.

As a chef at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Cafeteria in Lisbon’s Chiado district, she deepened and perfected her knowledge of national recipes reinvented and adapted to modern life. As a result, today, Chef Cláudia proudly presents her own variations on national dishes like the sea grouper “Portuguese style” and the codfish “her way”, not to mention her favourite creation, the duck stew with savoy cabbage and black pork smoked sausage.

Chef Cláudia will continue cooking, developing her own creations, and learning the Portuguese gastronomic traditions, while also dedicating herself to her other love, at the Portuguese Cinema Academy.

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