Vítor Veloso

Vítor Veloso

Throughout his 10-year-long international career, Chef Vítor Veloso, a traveller by nature, learned different cuisines from around the world. He knows the secrets and virtues of the Portuguese, French and Italian cuisines, all the way to the techniques and flavours of the Japanese and Brazilian cultures. However, he is most inspired by Mediterranean signature cooking, which is the style that best defines Vítor Veloso as a Chef.

From all international destinations in his gastronomic curriculum, London has played the biggest impact on Chef Vítor’s career. There, he worked at the Ritz Hotel London with Chef John Williams, at the starred Manor House Castle Combe with Chef Richard Davies, and at Chef Nuno Mendes’ Viajante (also starred) and Portal (as head Chef). In London, Vítor Veloso was also the Chef at the Portuguese Embassy, where he served various Portuguese and British dignitaries.

In Portugal, Chef Vítor has worked at high-end hotels, including Conrad Algarve, and Michelin starred restaurants, such as Fortaleza do Guincho, and acquired significant experience as a Private Chef, particularly in Algarve’s Golden Triangle area. He also launched the À Terra restaurant at Vila Monte Farm House, an idyllic place in the Algarve, with a philosophy of using locally grown seasonal products, such as olive oil, gourmet salt, figs, carob and oranges.

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