Carla Medeiros

Carla Medeiros

It took Carla Medeiros 10 years as a practicing civil engineer to stop, take a deep breath, fill herself with courage and follow her true calling. Following her degree at Escola Hoteleira e Turismo de Faro, Chef Carla has fully dedicated her heart and soul to the art of cooking.

Her passion for Portuguese cuisine led Carla to explore our gastronomic tradition and flavors, with dishes such as the horse mackerel “escabeche” with “xerém”, the delicious sea bass, algae and sweet potatoes “Cataplana”, or the fish soup served in local bread, ranking among her many specialties.

Chef Carla is also an expert in traditional Portuguese confectionery, such as olive oil mousse or honey and cottage cheese pudding. And we can assure you they are delicious.

Currently, in addition to being a Supper Stars Chef, Carla Medeiros is a Cooking and Pastry professor, taking pride in sharing and spreading her knowledge and passion for food.

Additional information about the Chef

The Chef is available in the geographical areas identified in the filter panel, but can also travel to other locations (in that case, please contact us).