Riz Bakht

Riz Bakht

English by birth, Indian by heritage and heart, Chef Riz Bakht has dedicated her last 20 years to educate Portuguese about Indian cuisine.

Fashion and interior designer by trade, she chose the Algarve as her adoptive land at a time when Indian cuisine was still virtually unknown in this region. Her “kitchen calling” came naturally as her friends, bored of eating the locally available “indian” food, asked her to cook the authentic version for them. From that moment, it did not take long for Riz to open her own restaurant, embracing a new career, equally creative, adding up to the previous ones.

Chef Riz Bakht offers us traditional flavours with a magical personal touch, and captivates us with her exotic flavours and the environments they create and invoke. Those who tasted her chicken korma and her reinvention of fish tikkis say they are memorable and hard to forget, and a guaranteed success requested on “all” her events. To ensure that her cuisine remains faithful to the original Indian flavours, Chef Riz Bakht has dedicated an area at home to prepare her own home-ground spices, where she seeks constant inspiration for marinades and divine curries.

Currently, in addition to her work with Supper Stars, ranging from small dinners to grandiose events, her traditional Indian cuisine repeatedly leads Chef Riz Bakht to famous kitchens like the Sheraton or Conrad in Algarve.

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